Philosophy Foundations

“What is out there?” “What does it mean to know?” “How should we live?” Our answers to these questions help shape the way we interact with the world on a daily basis. Philosophy is a chance to seek these answers for yourself. We’re excited to help you start your journey!

Brand new to philosophy? This is the intro pack for you! Below you’ll find some resources to help get you started studying philosophy on the right foot. Philosophy can seem overwhelming at first, but don’t let that scare you. Even if you had no formal exposure to philosophy, there is a good chance you have already thought about some of the most important philosophical questions at some point in your life.


  • What is Philosophy?

    Philosophy Bites

  • Philosophy for Beginners

    University of Oxford Podcasts


Want to Know More?

Questions to Think About

  • What is Philosophy?

  • Why do we do Philosophy?

  • What is out there?

  • What does it mean to know?

  • How should we live?

Key Texts


Key Terms

  • epistemology
    the branch of philosophy that studies how we know things
  • metaphysics
    the branch of philosophy that studies existence
  • ethics
    the branch of philosophy that considers what we ought to do and how we ought to live
  • logic
    the branch of philosophy concerned with reasoning and the validity of statements using fancy symbols
  • aesthetics
    the branch of philosophy that studies what is beautiful

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